SeaHag Mylie 1

The Sea Hag offering the Auger Shell to Mylie.

"As an immortal being, I'm afraid only you can give up your life."
—The Sea Hag to mermaid Mylie.[src]

Immortals are beings incapable of dying of natural means, the opposite of mortals. However, they can still be killed or vanquished through unnatural means like magic or physical harm.[1]

Although beings can be born immortal, some acquire immortality through other means. Immortal beings are often immune to the effects of aging or at least age at a slower rate as mortals.[2]

Obtaining ImmortalityEdit

Notable ImmortalsEdit

  • Mermaids cannot die unless they willingly give up their immortality and are capable of giving it up and passing it on to others.[4]
  • The Angels of Destiny and the Angel of Death play a vital part in the Grand Design. For this reason, it is believed they are true immortals.
  • Barbas could be considered a true immortal as well, as according to him "fear never dies".[5]


  1. Immortals have often been vanquished by magical powers, weapons, etc.
  2. Immortals beings can live centuries without visibly aging.
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