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Imara Vanquishing Spell
Spell Information

Piper Halliwell and
Paige Matthews




A lock of hair


Good Magic


The spell to vanquish Imara was written by Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews in 2005 to vanquish Imara.


In 2005, the sorceress Imara swapped souls with Phoebe Halliwell as she desired beauty and power. After the swap was revealed, Piper and Paige cast this spell to vanquish Imara, allowing Phoebe's soul to return to her body.[1]

The SpellEdit

  • Requires a lock of Imara's hair.
Lock of hair completes our goal,
To help us reclaim our sister's soul.
Banish this demon, spare no pain,
Bring Phoebe back from the ghostly plane.


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