Identity Theft Spell
Spell Information

A spell to assume the identity of another person


Mabel Stillman




Stillman Sisters


The Charmed Ones in the same house


Evil Magic


The Identity Theft Spell was written by Mabel Stillman and cast along with her sisters in 2003 to assume the identities of the Charmed Ones.


Mabel devised the spell as part of the latest of the Stillman's numerous magical cons and hustles after they unsuccessfully tried to steal the Book of Shadows while disguised as the Charmed Ones. The Stillman Sisters cast the spell at the right moment when all three Charmed Ones were located in the manor as the spell required. The spell turned the Charmed Ones into nonentities while making the world see the Stillmans as Piper, Phoebe and Paige, although they still looked like themselves. The spell also changed every picture of the Charmed Ones into theirs, while adjusting the memories of even Leo and Chris so that the Halliwells had always looked like the Stillmans. Additionally, each Stillman was assigned their new identity based on seniority which also factored when they used the Book of Shadows to steal their powers, causing some disagreement among the Stillman Sisters about who should get what power.

However, the spell eventually failed as it was unable to replace the memories of the actions that the original Halliwells had committed, with Chris realizing that the Stillmans were fake when Mabel overreacted to the real Piper's efforts to taunt her.[1]

The Spell

Blinking faces blank and ho-hum
We are they, and they are no one;
Grant to us the power of three,
And turn them into nobody.

Notes and Trivia

  • After the spell was cast, Phoebe and Paige failed to touch the Book due to its magical defenses and inability to recognize them. But when Chris turned the Stillman sisters against each other and broke their Power of Three, the Halliwells were able to touch it again. This theorizes that the identity theft spell may have been broken when the Stillmans fought.