Ian Spelling portrayed Ian in the Season 8 episode "Kill Billie: Vol. 1".

His only other known work are two uncredited appearances in two Star Trek series. Spelling is actually a journalist who covered Charmed extensively for the official Charmed Magazine. Charmed producer Brad Kern was convinced the show would not get another season, but Spelling insisted the CW would renew Charmed for one more season because they didn't have much in the pipleline and it would be less expensive to keep Charmed than to invest in a new show. Kern asked what Spelling would want if he were right, and Spelling replied that one of the things on his bucket list was to die in a movie or TV show. Kern agreed to kill Spelling if Charmed was renewed. It was, and Kern, true to his word, wrote Spelling's scene and one line of dialogue -- "Are you alright?" -- into the script.  

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