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Hugh Stenstrom
Biographical information

Circa between 1948-1949


Brief relationship with Patty Halliwell

Physical description




Family information
Family members

High school student

Character information
Only appearance

Patty's Awakening


Hugh Stenstrom is Patty Halliwell's love interest in the short story Patty's Awakening in the novel The Warren Witches.


Hugh is a handsome high school student who had a crush on Patty Halliwell. They dated briefly and he frequently invited her to his house where his "mother" treated her to dinner.

After vanquishing Stella, Patty found out Hugh wasn't interested in her for real: he was simply under Stella's spell. Stella wasn't his birth mother, but was married to his father after his birth mother passed away. Hugh is mentioned to be moving away with his father at the end of the story.


Hugh Stenstrom has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

The Warren Witches - Patty's Awakening

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