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San Francisco, California

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Little Box of Horrors

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Brooke Nevin


Hope was a student at Berkeley University with her best friend named Darcy. Upon the death of the previous guardian, Hope received Pandora's Box and became its new guardian.


Hope received the box after Nina, the previous guardian was killed by Katya. Without knowing anything of the myth she briefly opened the box, trying to find out what was in it and accidentally released a wave of sorrow. Piper and Nina discovered Hope with the box and Nina was revealed to be a demon named Katya who shapeshifted into the previous guardian. The Charmed Ones take Hope to the manor after the fight with Piper and Katya destroys her dorm room.

Hope was initially was unwilling to accept her destiny, unsure if she really believed in magic. Hope then gets a call from Darcy asking to meet with her and after witnessing Wyatt orb into the room she runs out and meets Darcy at the university. Darcy actually turns out to be Katya and traps her in the Underworld until she opens the box and in return, Katya would spare the life of her friend Darcy who was being held at knife-point. Hope eventually opens the box releasing all of the world's sorrows.

After Pandora's box is opened, Katya double crosses Hope and prepares to kill her, but she knocks her away with an energy blast and the Charmed Ones rescue her. Katya retreats and instead shapeshifts into Darcy going with Hope to the manor and attempting to convince her that they can't trust the Charmed Ones. Hope leaves with Katya and she is planning to kill Hope again, but it's actually Paige who glamoured into Hope since they suspected (correctly) that Darcy wasn't herself. Paige then vanquishes Katya and returns the real Darcy to the manor with Pandora's box.

At the manor the Charmed Ones realized that they need Hope to put all of the world's sorrows back in the box. Hope almost didn't believe she could until her friend Darcy mentioned that the last thing that at the bottom of the box was hope. Hope then puts all sorrow back and begins her life as Guardian of Pandora's box.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Energy Blast: The ability to shoot an incredibly powerful blast out of the hands, hitting a target with great force.
  • Calling: The ability to will an object into your hands. She can call all the evils back into the box once they have been released.

Other Powers

  • Immunity: The ability that grants the possessor immunity from most or any kind of powers (including their own), spells, and potions. She is immune to the sorrows in Pandora's Box if they are released.


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Hope appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 7
Little Box of Horrors

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