Hobart Pen
Hobart State Penitentiary

In an alternate future, the building is used to contain and sentence witches


Hallway Guard


San Francisco


Hobart State Penitentiary was a heavily guarded penitentiary facility located in San Francisco.[1] In an alternate timeline, it was used to contain and sentence witches, by burning them at the stake.


Hobart State Penitentiary is where Phoebe Halliwell was imprisoned after she killed a mortal named Cal Greene and was exposed as a witch by Nathaniel Pratt in an alternate 2009.

After Phoebe received a premonition, the sisters traveled to the future to find out what had happened. Phoebe was sentenced to be burned at the stake in the penitentiary, though her sisters had come up with a plan to rescue her. However, Phoebe stopped them as she realized she needed to face the consequences of her actions. As she burned, the sisters were returned to their own time.[2]


  • Hobart is actually the capital of the state of Tasmania in Australia.


  1. In the alternate timeline of "Morality Bites"
  2. As witnessed in "Morality Bites"

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