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Demon of Hatred



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To sow discord



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The Crucible


Hete (meaning Hate in Old English) is an antagonist in the novel The Warren Witches. He was a demon of hatred who foments hatred among humans, and has caused most conflicts around the world, including the Salem Witch Trials.


The demon has existed since the beginning of time, and has caused most conflicts throughout history. Unlike most demons, Hete's true form is a puff of black vapor. There is no known way to vanquish Hete, because he was born from hatred of mankind.

In the modern times, he was summoned by two inexperienced teenagers, Marissa Hargrave and Laurie as a prank on Natalie Kent. Since they substituted wolfsbane with powdered mushrooms for the summoning potion, the demon turned on Marissa instead, causing the girl to become the center of discord at school.

The sisters discovered what happened and tried to banish the demon, but he escaped and amplified his influence over the whole town. He led the female students at Marissa's school to the Halliwell Manor. The sisters then banished him with a spell, sending him back to whence he came.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Possession: The ability to possess another being's body. Hete cannot control his victim's actions while possessing them.
  • Rage Projection: The ability to project the emotion of discord.
Other Powers
  • Invincibility: The ability to be impenetrable to physical and magical harm. Hete cannot be vanquished, only banished.
  • Immortality: The ability to live an infinite lifespan.


To Summon Hete

There is a spell to summon the demon in the Crucible. To summon the demon, a potion is required for the spell, but wolfsbane is the only ingredient revealed.

To Draw Out Hete

Mark of hatred, hear our plea,
Bring the demon forth, to be fully seen.

Banishing Spell

A potion is needed to bind the demon.
Demon of hared,
be gone from this place,
remove your evil influence from our deeds.


Hete has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the course of the franchise.