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Ancient Times


Ancient Times


Prue Halliwell

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Old One

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Prue Halliwell's powers

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Its corpse is the Demonic Wasteland



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Court of Love

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Something Old, Something Prue


Heremus is one of the Old Ones, a race of ancient demons. Its corpse serves as the Demonic Wasteland, the plane where the essences of vanquished demons are sent.


When Tyler Michaels, Henry Mitchell and Coop Halliwell transport to the Demonic Wasteland to recover Benjamin Turner's soul fragment, Heremus's essence sensed the presence of an Archai and sprayed on Tyler with his blood, causing any vanquished evil (demon, warlock or witch) to return to Earth briefly by possessing him.

To find out more, Prue performed a spell with Kyra and the resurrected Benjamin, and she found out about Heremus's influence. They eventually figure out that Heremus and Tyler's connection. During a fight with Tuatha, who has possessed Tyler, Prue astral projects inside her to confront Heremus. She tries to rip the demon out, but Heremus ceases the chance to merge with her, becoming one with the All. Though initially seeming fine, Prue soon turns against the Magical Community and her family, her sisters included, and proceeds to resurrect all Old Ones.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though assuming to have the same powers as the rest of the Old Ones, Heremus has displayed different abilities, mainly the ability to serve as connection between Earth and the Demonic Wasteland to let vanquished evils return to life. Merging with Prue has given him access to all magic of the All.

Inactive Powers
  • Possession: The ability to take control of another being's body.
  • Soul Containment: The ability to contain souls of the dead. Heremus's corpse houses the souls of vanquished evils, namely evil witches and demons.
Other Powers


Heremus appeared in a total of 5 issue over the course of the series.

Season 10
Court of Love
Happy Ending
Tribunal and Tribulations
Something Old, Something Prue
The Reason

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