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Henry and Paige's Home
Location information

San Francisco, California


This house is a regular-sized building in San Francisco that is the home of Henry Mitchell and his wife Paige Matthews and their three children.


Not much is known about this house except for that Paige and Henry lived there with their children after Paige moved out of the Halliwell Manor.

One night in 2008, Tamora came into her powers and accidentally set her parents house on fire. Fortunately, the house was not badly burned, mostly water damaged, however, the nursery was completely destroyed. However, Paige and Henry must have repaired the house with the money they received from the insurance carrier[1], because they were back living in it not long after. Their son Henry Jr. was also seen in a nursery in the house.



  1. Henry stated that they had insurance in the comic issue Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter.