Henry jr biological mother
Henry Mitchell Jr.'s Biological Mother
Biographical information

2008; San Francisco

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Family information
Family members

Henry Mitchell Jr. (biological son)

Character information
Only appearance

Oh, Henry

"She's dead, but her baby is still alive."
Paige saves the girl's baby.[src]

Henry Mitchell Jr.'s Biological Mother was a teenage mortal girl and the biological mother of Henry Mitchell Jr. Almost nothing is known about this girl, as she did not carry an ID, but she was suspected to be homeless.


It was later revealed that the father of her son is Christopher Mercer, the son of a powerful criminal. Christopher suspected she ran out on him due to his criminal lifestyle.[1]

This girl was the victim of a stray arrow, shot by the Darklighter Rennek, near the end of her pregnancy. She died of her injuries, though Paige Matthews was able to save her unborn child by orbing him out of her womb. Paige then took the boy home with her and later adopted him with her husband Henry Mitchell.


Henry Mitchell Jr.'s Biological Mother appeared in a total of 1 issue throughout the course of the series.


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