Demon throwing fireball
Hellspawn Demon
Biographical information

August 7th, 1978; Halliwell Manor

Physical description




Magical characteristics
Active powers


Character information
Only appearance

Sympathy for the Demon

"Hellspawn demon,
creature of death,
Fire shall take your very breath!''"
—The demon being vanquished by Penny Halliwell.[src]

The Hellspawn Demon was a demon with the power to throw fireballs who attacked Piper and Penny Halliwell on August 7, 1978. He was vanquished by Penny's vanquishing spell.


Piper Halliwell relived this memory when Barbas took over the manor after obtaining the powers of Cole Turner. It was an example of her fear that her happiness never lasts.

Appearances Edit

The Hellspawn Demon appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 5
Sympathy for the Demon

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