Head of Magic School is a title held by the person who has been tasked with running Magic School. Aside from the basic tasks and obligations that come with running a school, the Head of Magic School is charged with ensuring the safety of the staff and students and protecting the school from evil forces.




Headmaster Gideon

The title 'Head of Magic School' was created after the School itself. The only Elder willing to run the School was Gideon, one of the most powerful of his race. He hired many teachers of different species, from witches like Mrs. Winterbourne and Miss Donovan, to gnomes like Mr. Monkeyshines. Gideon also took great care of the School's students, staff and the School itself, punishing those who mistreated the library's books, such as Sara. However, when he learnt of the birth of an all-powerful child, Wyatt Halliwell, his attention turned away from the School and towards eliminating the child, who he thought to become evil. To accomplish this, he swayed his assistant and fellow teacher, Sigmund, to help him. Sigmund eventually realized that it was wrong, however, and tried to alert the Charmed Ones, but was vanquished by Gideon. After many failed attempts at Wyatt, Gideon was vanquished by Leo Wyatt, leaving the School without a Head.

Paige Matthews

Paige as the new Headmistress

Paige as the new Headmistress

With no Head, the Elders decided to close the school. However, Paige Matthews fought to keep the School open and was eventually made Headmistress against her will. During her time here, Paige hired a Literature Professor and solved the mysterious death of the former, arranged after school Advanced Orbing Classes, saved Miss Donovan from an evil sorcerer and protected the school from demons. Paige did her best to run the School, but, after almost a year of teaching, found it too stressful and resigned, leaving her ex-Whitelighter in her place as Head.

Leo Wyatt

721px-Leo Future

Headmaster Leo Wyat

With the resignation of Headmistress Paige Matthews, Leo Wyatt was made Headmaster in her stead. He settled in easily and, during his career, trapped the immortal Noxon Demons for Advanced Combat classes, arranged after school Telekinesis classes with Mr. Feeney, temporarily replaced the Corporealization Teacher and helped sustain Magic School's defenses. However, after the demon Zankou returned to power and broke through those defenses, demons took over and the staff and students fled. About two years later, the Charmed Ones reclaimed the school and Leo was reinstated as Headmaster. This time, he also appeared to teach Telekinetic Orbing classes.