In 2004, Zankou is attacking Kyra with a Particle Swarm. In the present, Prue is casting a spell, summoning Kyra through time right before she is vanquished.

At the manor, Tyler hears Coop and Henry are talking about resurrecting Benjamin Turner. Coop reveals that they actually only have half of his soul, while the other is in the Demonic Wasteland. Henry agrees to help, and Coop notes that they need someone with the power to access the wasteland.

After she fainted while on the phone with Prue, Phoebe has now been admitted to a hospital. Paige orbs in and asks what happened. Phoebe replies that while she didn't want to believe it at first, she fears something is wrong with Prue.

Kyra is grateful to Prue for resurrecting her, but does not realize who she is until Prue mentions her sisters. Prue then threatens to kill Kyra unless she helps her find out what she has become.


Grams is here.

A month later, the sisters and their husbands summon Penny and Patty, as they have tried everything else to find out what is happening with Prue without success. Meanwhile, Aidel is babysitting the kids downstairs and hears arguments.

Leo is arguing with Penny, as Penny blames Leo for Prue absorbing the Empyreal Sword. Piper interrupts them and Patty says her mother is upset because they have been looking for answers as well. They have not found one, but they admit that while they are connected to the entire Warren line, they cannot feel their Prue anymore.

Tyler is out with Kareem and shows him that he now has full control over his new powers by teleporting to Paris. Tyler says he wants to help and be someone. The following day, he confronts Coop and Henry about their plans and offers his help.

At the All, Prue and Kyra are preparing a ritual to find answers. Prue has made a deal with Kyra to make her human if she finds what she needs. Kyra marks Prue with a symbol on her forehead and her eyes begin to glow. Kyra's eyes then glow as well and she sees something.

Tyler, Henry and Coop teleport to the Demonic Wasteland and find a group of demons worshiping a giant statue of Belthazor, with the soul fragment on top.

At the manor, the sisters are talking about why Coop and Henry haven't checked in and they get suspicious. Leo feels left out, and Paige remarks that the guys better have a good explanation.

Coop beams up to the statue to retrieve the soul fragment and tells Tyler to be ready to teleport them out. As the demons begin to chase them, Tyler is unable to open another portal. He is thrown back from a geyser and stumbles into Coop, who drops the soul fragments. With its containers destroyed, Benjamin's essence is released.

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