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Teri LaneMOM
Harriet Lane
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Family information
Family members

Teri Lane (daughter)

Character information
Only appearance

The Wendigo

Portrayed By

J. Karen Thomas


Harriet Lane was the mother of Teri Lane, who was kidnapped as an infant by her father. Harriett hired a detective to search for her daughter, who found her but was killed in a car accident.


In 1999, Prue Halliwell gave her sister Phoebe a job at Buckland Auction House where she received a premonition of the car accident that killed the detective when she touched Teri's bracelet. Prue stopped anyone from bidding on the bracelet by using her power of Telekinesis to drop all bidding signs. They used the bracelet to find Teri and reunite her with Harriet.



Harriet Lane appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 1
The Wendigo

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