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Handsome Demon
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2003; Halliwell Manor (Alternate reality)

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Cole Turner

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Centennial Charmed

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Michael Bergin

"What'd I do what for? You're in here screwing some guy, I'm supposed to ignore it? You're my wife, damn it!"
Cole after vanquishing the handsome demon[src]

The Handsome Demon was one Phoebe Halliwell's many suitors in an alternate reality of 2003.

In the alternate reality created by Cole Turner and the Avatars, Phoebe Halliwell was having an affair with this demonic being to keep up pretenses for the protection of her sister Piper following Prue's death.


Cole Turner created an alternate reality in hopes of being in a world where Phoebe still loved him. However, in this world, he and Phoebe were not together as he hoped. Although in the world they had a relationship, they both had their affairs on the side, the demonic suitor was one of them.

Whilst at the birthday party for Belthazor, Phoebe and the handsome demon went upstairs and began kissing passionately, Cole walked in and asked Phoebe what the hell is going on and angrily hurled an energy ball at the demon. She the explained she is only with Cole to keep up pretenses to protect Piper from the same fate that befell Prue.

He is presumably still alive in the original reality.


The Handsome Demon appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 5
Centennial Charmed

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