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Biographical information

God of the Underworld

Physical description




Family information
Family members
  • Zeus (younger brother)
  • Poseidon (younger brother)
  • Nikos (son)
  • Persephone (wife)

Ruler of Hades



Character information
Only appearance

Soul of the Bride


Hades is a legendary God of the Underworld. He appears in the novel Soul of the Bride.


Hades was the ancient Greek God of the Underworld. He was the oldest of three brothers, the others being Zeus and Poseidon. They came to power after defeating the Titans, and drew lots to see how to divide the world. Zeus won the draw and got the best position, as King of the Gods and ruler of the Heavens. Next in line was Poseidon, who became Lord of the Sea. Hades got the last and least, being forced to become King of the Underworld, which eventually also came to be called "Hades".

Eventually, he kidnapped a young Goddess, Persephone, to be his wife. She would have been able to escape his clutches, but because she had eaten six pomegranate seeds when she was in the Underworld, she was doomed to spend half each year in the Underworld as his consort. The rest of the year, she would be able to come back to Earth to be with her mother, Demeter.

Hades also had a son Nikos, who tricked Phoebe into being his lover and forced her to stay in his Underworld castle with him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hades was described to be large and imposing, with dark blue eyes, a strong jaw, and pitch-black curly hair that was streaked with silver.


  • As Hades is mentioned in novels only, it is unknown if he was a part of the group of mortals that were empowered by the Elders to stop the Titans.


Hades has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

Soul of the Bride

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