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Gypsy Zombie
Physical description



Do their master's bidding.


Their master

Character information
Only appearance

The Gypsy Enchantment


Gypsy Zombies appear in the Charmed novel The Gypsy Enchantment.[1]

A powerful gypsy magician can call up a zombie to do his or her dirty work. That way the gypsy can remain above reproach and still get what he or she wants.

For a truly skilled magician, the zombie can be used to do his bidding on the astral plane. This is important if you need to battle psychic attacks. It is also useful in searching for additional powerful talismans such as the Romany ruby and other charged objects. It is also of use in fighting the neutralizing powers of the Charmed Ones.

Romany RubyEdit

In Gypsy folklore there is a legend about a magical jewel called the Romany Ruby which gives a Gypsy threefold power.

After the last owner died, it returned to the astral plane to renew its power. It is guarded by the Loriathian.

Loriathian Edit

A beast with the powerful front body of a lion, but a back half like a giant lizard. It has 12 eyes that burn with evil and a double set of enormous teeth. A spikey row of tusks circle the neck and the face is uglier than any dragon. This beast guards the Romany ruby on the astral plane. The only way to get the gem is by distracting, killing, or otherwise defeating the Loriathian. For this purpose a magical violin can be used. So far no Gypsy has been able to do so in over 500 years.

Book of ShadowsEdit


A figure, wearing full pants, a colorful vest and scarves of a traditional gypsy outfit. The face looks decaying, the fingers are skeleted and the eyes are hollowed sockets.

Zombie Vanquishing SpellEdit

Minion of darkness, ancient Gypsy tool
Set for destruction, mindless yet cruel,
We break your commands,
We shatter your rules.


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