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Grimoire 2

The Grimoire owned by the Source of All Evil.

Piper Halliwell: "Grimoire?"
Leo Wyatt: "Evil Book of Shadows."
— Leo telling Piper what a grimoire is.[src]

Grimoires are magical tomes of dark magic kept by demons and evil witches. They serve as counterparts to a Book of Shadows kept by good witches.

Known GrimoiresEdit

The most important Grimoire is owned by whomever holds the title of the Source of All Evil. The pages are blackened with the evil that are written on their pages and it is written completely in Latin[1].

The grimoire owned by Lynn, as well as the one from Tuatha, had normal white pages, albeit slightly yellowing because of their age. These Grimoires were written in English and had several woodcuts in them.[2]



  • Tuatha's Grimoire doubled as Lynn's Grimoire.

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