Grimoire 2
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Tomes of dark magic filled with magical knowledge such as spells and potions

Paige Matthews: "What is that?"
Leo Wyatt: "Evil Book of Shadows."
— Leo telling Paige what a Grimoire is.[src]

Grimoires (pronounced grim-WAR) are magical tomes of dark magic kept by demons, evil witches, and presumably warlocks containing spells, potions, information, past experiences, and general notes about magic. They serve as evil counterparts to a Book of Shadows kept by good witches. The most prominent Grimoire, often simply referred to as the Grimoire is owned by the Source of All Evil. The pages are blackened with the evil that are written on their pages and it is written completely in Latin.[1]

Known Grimoires


Notes and Trivia

  • The same prop was used for the Grimoires owned by Lynn and Tuatha. These Grimoires were written in English and had several woodcuts in them.[2]
  • When the Charmed Ones were warlocks, their Book of Shadows was turned evil as well, presumably it turned itself into a grimoire.[3]
  • While in the show, Grimoires are evil counterparts to the Book of Shadows, in real life Wicca, both are good. In fact, a Grimoire is a more formal Book of Shadows.