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Small mischief-makers




Causing misery, tinkering

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The Power of Three Blondes

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Sword and the City

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Todd Tucker


Gremlins are small creatures that delight in causing misery and tinkering. They can be found in workspaces, such as fruit packing plants.[1] Although small, gremlins are strong and move at a fast speed. They can be vanquished by a special vanquishing gel.[2]


Paige meets the Gremlins

Lupita: "That is the third accident this month. I think this place is maldito, cursed."
Paige: "I think I'm maldito."
— Paige and her co-worker after the accident.[src]

Paige met some gremlins for the first time during one of her temp jobs. She worked at a local San Francisco fruit packing plant when she noticed one of the little gremlins pushing over a few boxes of oranges. Paige jumped over the line she worked at and pushed her co-worker, Lupita, out of the way saving her life from being crushed by the boxes.

Helping the Charmed Ones

6x04 GremlinsPaigeReleased

Paige releases the gremlins into a metal scrapyard.

The night after she discovered them at the fruit packing plant, Paige needed the help of the two gremlins. Evil witches known as the Stillman Sisters had stolen the identities of her and her sisters and in order to get them back she needed their help. All they had to do was to get the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter Chris to orb to the manor. If they refused, Paige would use the vanquishing gel on them.


The next day, Paige thanked the gremlins for their help and released them in a metal scrapyard where they could tinker to their hearts' content without hurting anyone.

Powers and Abilities

6x04 GremlinPushing

A gremlin pushing over boxes.

Active Powers
  • Hyper Speed: The ability to travel at a great speed. Several miles can be covered within seconds. Gremlins are said to leave behind only a green blur.
  • Super Strength: The ability to have and exert a level of physical strength much greater than that of a normal being. Gremlins mainly use this ability to meddle with machinery, push over boxes, etc.
Other Powers
  • Invisibility: The ability to be unseen by the naked eye. Gremlins are naturally invisible to mortals, and only magical beings can see them.

Book of Shadows


The entry on Gremlins in the Book of Shadows.

Mischievous tiny green
creatures who meddle
with machinery.
Although impish and
seemingly harmless, their
tinkering can cause
potential danger. They
are invisible to
humans, but witches
and other magical
beings can see
them. When
sighted they flee
at a great speed
leaving behind only
a fading green blur
and the damage they
have wrought.

Notes and Trivia

6x08 GremlinTable

Laughing at the attempts of other magical beings.

  • A gremlin was seen sitting on a table, waiting in line with other magical beings, in the hopes of wielding Excalibur.[3]
  • The Book of Shadows entry on the gremlins mentions that they are green. However, both the illustration as the gremlins that appeared on the series were blue.
  • Paige mentions that there is a vanquishing potion in the Book of Shadows, however, such an entry was never seen.
  • The exact height of a regular gremlin is unknown, however, they appear to be as big as a hand.
  • Both gremlins were portrayed by Todd Tucker, who also portrayed the roles of The Aggressor, the Creepers, the Krychek Demons, etc. He was the series' special effects artist who worked with aesthetic and prosthetic designs.



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  2. Although, according to Paige, the Book of Shadows entry says it is a potion.
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