Greg Conroy
Greg Conroy
Biographical information

2002; Halliwell Manor

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color



Probation officer

Character information
Only appearance

Long Live the Queen

Portrayed By

Jaime Gomez


Greg Conroy was a probation officer who was targeted by demons for his good deeds.


Greg worked with juveniles as a probation officer. He had set numerous young offenders back on the straight and narrow, including some who were thought to be beyond help. This didn't sit well with The Source of All Evil, Cole Turner; he and several of his minions had been scouting out several of the offenders as potentials to turn into demons. Not long after being crowned, Cole ordered Greg killed and sent Malick, one of his top lieutenants, after him.

Phoebe got a premonition of Malick blasting Greg from behind with an energy ball, and alerted her sisters and Leo. However, to their dismay, Phoebe merely ordered Malick to leave. Malick immediately informed Cole, who suspected him of disloyalty and vanquished him. Cole then sent another demon, Raim, who nearly killed Greg with a light dart. However, when Raim was about to finish Greg off with an athame, Paige orbed the athame to her hand and killed him with it. Leo then orbed Greg to the Heavens for safekeeping.

Greg's continued survival, combined with concerns that Phoebe was playing both sides, put increased pressure on Cole to take Greg out himself. Indeed, Cole's second-in-command, Dane, summoned him to a council of demons who subtly hinted that he might lose his crown if Greg stayed alive. Suspecting that the Charmed Ones were hiding Greg somewhere, Cole glamoured into Phoebe and tricked Piper and Paige into having Greg orbed back to Earth. Cole then dropped his glamour and killed Greg with a fireball where he stood. Unfortunately for Cole, when Phoebe found out about this, she sided with her sisters in vanquishing Cole and ending his brief reign.


Greg Conroy appeared in 1 episode during the course of the series.

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