Grams's Ring
Artifact Information

Transforms the owner into a typical housewife


Penny Halliwell




This ring was owned by Penny Halliwell. She cursed it in the late 20th century, after four failed marriages and six failed engagements, to transform the wearer into a traditional suburban housewife.

Penny did this to remind herself what she hated about being married should she ever be engaged again. The ring's inscription reads: "To gain another, to lose yourself." If the possessor of the ring wears the ring long enough, she will be transformed into a typical housewife; wanting to stay home to cook, clean and please her husband and other guests she may have. The ring is one of several things Grams had cursed or charmed, another example would be her red go-go boots, which takes the wearer to the late 60's, early 70's, as it did to Paige.

History Edit


Cole gives the ring to Phoebe

Phoebe Halliwell Edit

In 2001, Phoebe Halliwell was given the ring by Cole after he proposed marriage to her. Cole didn't know about the curse. She accepted and put the ring on and was transformed into one of her greatest fears, a classic Bewitched-style 60's housewife or "housewitch", exhibiting the above-mentioned characteristics, rather staying home and cooking than vanquishing an impending demonic threat. Within hours she turned black-and-white. The curse was only lifted when Paige orbed it out of her finger. Phoebe lifted stuffed the ring down the bathtub.[1]

Piper Halliwell Edit


Piper is affected by the ring

In 2006, Piper fell under the ring's curse when Dumain and the Triad used it in an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones hoping to keep them preoccupied to influence other magical beings that the Charmed Ones were more preoccupied with themselves than protecting the innocent.[2]

Appendices Edit

(Billie Jenkins' Book of Shadows text:)

Grams's Ring Edit

  • A family heirloom of the
Halliwell line handed down
most recently to Phoebe
for her marriage to Cole.
  • The ring is inscribed with
"To gain another is to lose yourself"
and was cursed by Grams to
remind herself never to get
married again.
  • Wearing the ring causing its
wearer to outwardly become
their subconscious image
of the perfect housewife.
  • Removing this ring lifts the
curse but the wearer will
not willingly do so or allow
it be taken.
Last seen Phoebe dumped
it down the bathtub drain...

Gallery Edit


  • The ring was presented to Penny by her first husband Allen Halliwell; it was stated the ring has been in the Halliwell family for generations; however, it may have actually been passed down from Penny's mother P. Baxter. As Cole did with Phoebe, Allen may have obtained the ring from Baxter, reminiscent of how the family likes to pass things down in matriarchal fashion.
  • When Piper was affected with the ring, she gained Super Speed. It remains unknown if Phoebe also gained this power when she had the ring on.
  • Phoebe tossed the ring down the bathtub drain, yet, Dumain managed to retrieve it five years later.


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