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Golden Chalice
Artifact Information

A golden chalice that can hold the water of the Fountain of Youth


The Golden Chalice is a magical chalice and the only known artifact that can hold the rejuvenating water of the Fountain of Youth.


When Captain Black Jack Cutting sought to free himself from his curse and rejuvenate himself, he realized he needed the Charmed Ones to activate the Fountain of Youth. To his end, he kidnapped a witch and waited for Paige Matthews to come to her rescue. He then cut Paige with his blade, which caused her to rapidly age to an old woman.


The captain becoming young again.

In order to save their sister, the captain forced Piper and Phoebe to break into a museum and steal the Golden Chalice. Using their powers, the sisters stole the chalice and brought it to the pirates. They then cast a spell to activate the fountain and the captain drunk from the chalice to rejuvenate himself. However, his crew members then turned on him and killed him, thus breaking their curse. The sisters then took the chalice, which still held some water, and used it to restore Paige to her own age. What became of the chalice after this is unknown.


The Golden Chalice appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7

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