Gilbert van Lewen
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2000; Van Lewen Estate

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Reckless Abandon

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Ric Coy

"I had to. He would of gotten to him tomorrow at the christening, I know it. That's when he strikes. At the moment of greatest joy."
—Gilbert explaining why he left Matthew.[src]

Gilbert van Lewen was the son of Martha van Lewen, a woman haunted by the spirit of Elias Lundy. In order to protect his son from the spirit, he abandoned him for his own safety.


When the chauffeur of the family, Elias Lundy, became increasingly obsessed with Martha, she killed him out of fear for her family. His spirit returned and proceeded to kill every male in the family as revenge. Gilbert did not believe his mother until his brother was killed. To protect his son, he left Matthew at the police station, much to the anger and confusion of his wife, who did not believe in ghosts.

As Gilbert argued with Alexandra, Martha arrived and Elias appeared. He then killed Gilbert with a bolt of lighting that sent him down the balcony. Elias was later defeated when his mother killed herself and banished him to hell. Alexandra was then reunited with her son.


Gilbert van Lewen appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 2
Reckless Abandon

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