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Manipulation and control of the earth


Anger / Two Hands Gesture




Elemental Power

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Geokinesis is a rare elemental magical power allowing the users to control and/or manipulate all forms of earth, such as sand, minerals and rocks. Users can use this power to create earthquakes and fissures and tear the earth open to swallow enemies. They can also remove rocks from the earth and use them as a platform to fly on.


When the Charmed Ones were given the powers of the Greek Gods, Piper Halliwell was granted the powers of the Goddess of Earth. She could cause earthquakes, especially when angered, and opened a chasm in the Earth in the conservatory that swallowed the Titans. [1][2]

Neena also had this power and used it to open up a chasm to gain access to the Underworld [3] She also ripped rocks and earth from the ground and use them to fly her demonic army to The Heavens.

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