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Power Information

To create lesser beings from one's body.




Supportive Power


Genesis is the rare demonic power to create lesser beings from one's own body.

List of UsersEdit

Kazi KingEdit

The Kazi King could create an indefinite amount of Kazi Demons from his own body. These Kazi are low-level demons with little intelligence and great physical strength. The King is directly connected to his minions and feels their pain. When the King is vanquished, all his minions are destroyed as well.

Swarm KingEdit

Swarm Demons are drones that live in a hive-like structure and are loyal to their king and creator without question. In order to vanquish them, one must vanquish the Swarm King. The King is not affected by the deaths of his minions, as they often sacrifice themselves for their collective body.

Imp MastersEdit

Imp Masters are low-level demons that can spawn Imps from their own bodies. The master is in control of the Imps, which can be re-absorbed into the body. Similar to the other examples, vanquishing the Imp Master also vanquishes the Imps.



  • The Imp Master is the only being actually shown using this power, as he is seen spawning the Imps and re-absorbing them into his body.
  • The Imp Master is also the only known user to spawn creatures that do not resemble him in any way. Both the Kazi King and the Swarm King spawn demons with a human appearance.

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