Gammill's House
Location information

San Francisco, California



"Okay, have you guys ever walked by a house and just, uh, got a really bad creepy feeling from it? Okay, on my way to get coffee every morning I walk by this house and I get... this shiver."
Paige Matthews mentioning the house to Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.[src]

Gammill owned a house in San Francisco. It was dirty, old and apparently abandoned and neglected, and was used as his lair, where he would turn mortal women into clay models. To lure young women in, Gammill used Finn, a golem based on how he used to look before he was cursed, to charm and invite them into the house, where Gammill would then make his move. After Gammill's vanquish at the hands of The Charmed Ones, it is unknown what happened to the building, as Finn was also killed. [1]


  • This house is located next to the Halliwell Manor, but wasn't shown on-screen.