Freezing Spell
Spell Information

A spell to freeze another


Penny Halliwell


Good Magic


The Freezing Spell mimics the effects of Molecular Immobilization and was created by Grams. She wrote it down in her spellbook. It is noteworthy that this spell can work on good witches.


When Grams used the "To Resolve Sibling Rivalry" spell on Wyatt and Chris, the spell backfired and the rivalry went into the sisters, making them behave like petty children. Phoebe and Paige left the Manor, ignoring Grams's command to stay home. Piper then began to complain how this was all Grams's fault, after which Grams used this spell to freeze Piper. Victor just came down carrying Wyatt and Chris and was worried why his daughter was a statue. She assured Victor that Piper would thaw out in a minute.[1]


Freezing SpellEdit

Let this girl,
Quick as a sneeze,
Stop this snit
And quickly freeze.


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