Leo is cleaning up a mess in the kitchen when Paige walks in complaining about having a new charge. She meets her new charge, Mitchell Haines, a witch with a super speed power, at a sidewalk. She tries to talk to him but he refuses to listen, walking away.

Demons attack Piper at P3; a deliveryman is injured, arousing the suspicions of Inspector Sheridan.

Imara, a vain sorceress, has plans to take out Zankou's top lieutenants. She is after a lock of a Charmed One's hair. This proves to be the reason for the attack at P3, but Imara now wants to go after Phoebe. Two demons attack Phoebe in an elevator and cut off a lock. Imara casts a spell and switches bodies with Phoebe. Phoebe, now in Imara's body, is locked in a cage.

Leo suspects a soul-swapping spell, because the demons had needed a fresh lock of hair.

"Phoebe", behaving strangely but not suspected by Leo and Piper, fakes a premonition and points to a page in the Book of Shadows. The page is about an upper-level demon named Daleek. "Phoebe" claims he is posing as a human. She and Piper go to a city councilman, who produces a fireball; "Phoebe" throws a potion and vanquishes him. The two are caught on a security camera, giving more suspicion to Inspector Sheridan.


Mitchell using Hyper Speed to save a glamoured Paige

Paige disguises herself and deliberately crashes a rental car, such that a power line is in danger of falling on her. Mitchell saves her and she drops her glamour. Mitchell walks away, angry.

Phoebe (in Imara's body) pretends to be Imara, claiming that the sisters reversed the spell. One of the henchmen is skeptical and shimmers to the manor. He sees Imara in Phoebe's body, but she has to cover and calls for Piper; she vanquishes the henchman and then points to the page for Imara.


Imara about to be vanquished

Paige goes to Mitchell again. He confesses why he has stopped using magic: demons had killed his fiancée trying to get to him. He had been late, and thinks he could have saved her. Paige convinces him that this wasn't his fault.

The other henchman finally frees Phoebe, but her sisters and Imara show up. "Phoebe" throws a potion and vanquishes "Imara". She then admits to the soul-swap before shimmering away.

Mitchell, using his super speed power, gets a lock of Phoebe's hair while Imara is vanquishing a demon posing as a judge. As Imara shimmers in, Piper and Paige complete a potion and then use a spell to return Phoebe to her body.

The final scene introduces Inspector Ryan, who tells Sheridan that a judge has disappeared.

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