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Frances Milton
Biographical information

Widowed from John

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Character information
Only appearance

Witch Trial

Portrayed By

Janet Wood


Frances Milton was one of Prue Halliwell's clients at Buckland Auction House, who was interested in auctioning her late husband's collection. The collection was said to be getting a lot of attention, according to Prue. Eight and a half months prior to meeting Prue, her late husband John died in what could be assumed a car accident. Mrs. Milton explained that she continued going over in her mind the last time she saw him, which was before his presumed "accident". She thought she could have prevented his death if only she had done something or said something to stop him from getting into his car. Prue seemed to deeply sympathize with her. Mrs. Frances Milton was portrayed by Janet Wood.


Frances Milton appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 2 -
Witch Trial

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