BlackJackCutting Young
Fountain of Youth
Artifact Information

A magial fountain that can grant eternal youth to those who drink from its water

  • Eternal Youth
  • Age Restoration

The Fountain of Youth was a magical fountain that held water that could restore youth, health and vitality to those who drank from it. In order to activate its powers, once must cast a spell and drink the water from a Golden Chalice.



The fountain activated.

The fountain was originally sought after by Ponce De leon, a Spanish explorer. However, he failed to find it and it was eventually found by Captain Black Jack Cutting and his pirate crew. The fountain was then stolen and moved to Treasure Island, where the pirates kept their stolen bounty.

After placing a curse on Paige Matthews caused her to age rapidly, Captain Black Jack forced her sisters to steal the Golden Chalice and activate the fountain with a spell. However, shortly after drinking from the fountain, his pirate crew turned on the captain and killed him, thus breaking their own curse. The fountain was then destroyed by Piper Halliwell, so it would never fall into evil hands again.[1]


Spell to Activate the Fountain of YouthEdit

With these offerings,
I call on thee,
Goddess of fertility.
Rise now, show us the truth,
Give us the gift of eternal youth.



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