Force Blasts
Power Information

Unleash a powerful blast capable of sending people backwards or destroying objects


Open mouth and scream or direct hands




Offensive Power

Force Blasts are concussive force waves that one can send at their targets. When hit, the target is flung back with great concussive force. The impact of these blasts can cause serious injuries or even death. The power can be channeled through either the mouth or hands.



In 1999, Abraxas used this power to push the Charmed Ones back from his portal. He channeled his power through his hands.

Goddess of Earth

Piper Halliwell as the Goddess of Earth possessed this power via Aerokinesis.

Trok Demon

"After you summon him, make sure Piper freezes him. Otherwise you'll never get the spell off."
—Chris to the sisters.[src]
The Trok Demon was a monstrous two-headed demon who could generate violent waves with his roars, which could send his intended target(s) back several feet.

The Charmed Ones once faced a Trok Demon who possessed this power. When he was summoned, Piper blew off one of his heads. This enraged the Trok Demon. As a result of his rage, he screamed a powerful blast out of his mouth, sending the Charmed Ones flying backwards into a wall.


The demon Zankou once used this power on Leo Wyatt, causing a ripple through the air as Leo was blasted against a wall. He channeled this power through his hands.

List of beings who use(d) Force Blasts

Original power
Through spell, potion, power, stealing, etc.


Notes and Trivia

  • This power is similar to and may be mistaken for Telekinesis. However, Force Blasts can be recognized by a distinctive ripple effect in the air.
  • This power is also very similar to Energy Blasts, as both hit targets with a blast of concussive force.