A Flying Car
Flying Cars
Artifact Information

A car blessed with the power to fly by wings.


Used to travel to another location.

  • Unknown Civilian
  • Government Magic Squads



Flying Cars are cars that were modified by magic to be able to fly. After Rennek switched magic, mortals started using magic for their own personal gain such as magically altering their vehicles and using them to get around.


About six months after the switch, a blue car with wings was seen flying over the Halliwell Manor. The owner was an unknown civilian. Three weeks later, Phoebe had to flee the manor with a three week old Parker, when a Government Magic Squad, who were rounding up non-magically beings, came looking for answers. On her way out, she saw several black SUVs floating down the street, revealing that the government had also bewitched their cars, but this time, it was with the actually power of flight.

Presumably these cars were returned to normal once Prue reversed the switch and erased all humanity's memories of magic via a spell.

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