Flying Broomstick
Artifact Information

A broom charged with the magic of a witch.


Used to fly to another location.






A flying broomstick is a normal broom charged with a witch's magic. It was one of the means employed by witches to transport themselves from place to place.[1]

The broom flies with the witch sitting on it, and can be navigated to fly in any direction the witch wants. The broom also seems to magically keep the witch in place, preventing him/her from falling off.


The earliest recorded use of the broomstick was in 1670, when the sisters and Charlotte Warren were under attack; to scare their attackers, Phoebe channeled her magic into a broom granting it the power of flight. She then sat sidesaddle and rode into the air toward the witch hunters. The witch hunters, spooked, retreated. Afterwards, Phoebe proudly rode against the full moon while her sisters looked on.

It is worth noting that before Phoebe's broom flying exploit, witches traditionally used brooms to sweep evil from their path; Eva, a witch, told Phoebe this while she taught her how to empower a broom.


  • In the non-canonical novel, Leo Rising, a witch named Nisha Maksoud used the evil-sweeping method to keep an evil witch named Xandra at bay. Darryl Morris was given the task when Nisha went to make a potion to freeze her.[2]

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  1. Popular culture has indicted that, after Phoebe's broom flying exploit, witches started to use brooms as means of transportation.
  2. Featured in Leo Rising

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