Fire Throwing
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Projection of a jet of flames capable of burning objects and vanquishing beings


Anger or Point hand out at target




Offensive Power

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Fire Throwing is the powerful and deadly ability to project jets of flame from the hands, capable of completely immolating even high-level demons.

Witches can also possess this ability. Leo once mentioned that a witch had the ability to throw fire when she was killed by demons assigned from the Game Masters.[1]

Although the power is common amongst demons, it has also been said many times that powers are never good or evil by themselves: it completely depends on how they are used.


2001, the demonic child Jersey used this power to incinerate several ice cream men in hopes of killing the real Ice Cream Man and destroying the Ice Cream Truck. Even though he seemed only eight years old, he could reduce a full-sized adult to ashes within seconds.

Phoebe Halliwell picked up this power while she was pregnant with the Unborn Source. Rather than just accepting it as a natural power advancement, Phoebe was initially unnerved when she used it to destroy a demon, she thought it felt evil. She also remembered that her past life, P. Russell, possessed a form of this power after being turned evil; her warlock lover Anton tripled her powers with a potion. However, hours later she used it to destroy Cole's demonic personal assistant, Julie, and took great pleasure in the kill--in hindsight, evidence of how her nature was starting to darken under her baby's influence. Leo confirms that this is indeed an upper-level demonic power.

Soon after being crowned, Phoebe used her newly minted powers to kill several demons, and nearly killed her boss, Elise, with it as well--the closest that a Charmed One has come to turning completely evil.

When the girls were fighting the Game Masters Leo mentioned that Demons had killed a Witch that could throw fire from her hands.

List of beings who use(d) Fire ThrowingEdit

Original power
Through spell, channeling, etc.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The scientific term for Fire Throwing is Pyrogenism.
  • Fire Throwing might be the advanced form of Pyrokinesis.

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  1. As witnessed in the season 6 episode "Witch Wars".

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