Fine Romance
Fine Romance

A dating service to help single men and women find a partner


San Francisco


Fine Romance was a dating service located in San Francisco. The service was used by the Succubus Darla to find her prey.


In 2000, the Succubus Darla started working at the dating service in order to find her prey. When the police tied two murder victims to the dating service, Darryl Morris asked the Charmed Ones to investigate. After a spell turned Prue into a man, he signs up for the dating service to lure the succubus into a trap. During this time, Piper also discovered Dan's sister had signed him up for the service. Piper takes Dan's file while Darla is frozen and watches his video.[1]


  • The dating service fee was $3,500.



  1. Season 2 episode, "She's a Man, Baby, a Man!"

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