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"And though I kept working and giving advice to those who asked, I was more interested in helping them find love, since finally having been loved..."
Phoebe writing her life story in the Book of Shadows[src]

"Finding Love" is the first and best selling book written by Phoebe Halliwell. She got the inspiration from Juliet.

Romeo and JulietEdit

"They want you to bless their wedding. Not as a Charmed one, but as someone who helped them find that love"
Juliet to Phoebe[src]

When a newly ordained Phoebe has to marry several couples in order to promote the Bay Mirror[1], she met Romeo and Juliet. Juliet's speech convinced her to marry them and the others. When Phoebe met with her sisters back at the manor, she said to Piper that she might write a book.[2]

A while after, after revealing her identity as a witch to Elise, Phoebe is seen to be writing an entire chapter on trust.


Phoebe wrote a chapter on trust, as seen in Morality Bites Back.

Trust. They say it's the foundation for any healthy relationship. I certainly won't disagree. Misplaced trust is what kept me from finding love for so many years. So many times, when I met someone new, I had to hold back a part of me. Too afraid to reveal myself. Too afraid to take that risk. It was the fear that held me back. That kept me from opening up to another person. It all changed when I met the man I could finally be honest with. About everything. I lucked out because he already knew the big things before we even met. But it was the little things we learned together that really mattered. And okay, I'll admit. I had some inside information. A little bird told me that this guy was right for me. But do any of us really know the future for certain? Trust isn't a single issue. It doesn't just happen one day. It's a constant process. You have to know when you can trust your friends with your deepest secrets. Trust that your family will be there to protect you. And trust yourself to take the risk. But that trust can't be blind. You have to take care to protect yourself from the unknown. To guard your heart. Until one day you realize that someone else is guarding it along with you. Because once you find the strength in yourself, you will be ready to find your love and turn it into something greater. Trust.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. The Bay Mirror had been struggling and needed a publicity stunt to keep its doors open.
  2. Innocents Lost

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