Fearless Spell
Spell Information

A spell that suppresses fear


Piper Halliwell




Good Magic


The Fearless Spell was written by Piper Halliwell in 2002. She had the intention to remove her fears, but instead it only suppressed it and made her act very recklessly.


When Phoebe Halliwell had become a mermaid, Piper felt responsible and feared that she would loose one of her sisters again. She also feared that her daughter would get hurt. Leo told her that Piper could help Phoebe by removing her fear. Piper took his advice rather literally and created this spell. But instead of removing her fear, the spell suppressed it, making Piper act very recklessly.

Leo and Paige noticed a change in Piper's behavior but were focused on helping Phoebe and vanquishing Necron. When Necron attacked the sisters at the manor, Piper thought she could handle him. However, Necron kidnapped her to the Sea Hag's lair. There he had hung her to a rack, above the water. He would sink her in on occasion and let his electric eels electrocute her. Piper, however, didn't give up and made a few jokes, annoying Necron very much. Finally, when Leo, Paige, and Phoebe came to Piper's aid, they were able to vanquish Necron. The massive force of his vanquish presumably knocked Piper out of the spell.[1]


Fearless Spell

Locked in,
Boxed in,
Full of fear.
My panic grows manic,
Till I can't hear.
In need of reprieve,
So that I can breathe,
Remove my fear,
Please make it leave.