Fear Amplification
Power Information

Amplify fear to the point of death


Point hand and focus on intended target




Offensive Power


Fear Amplification is a rare and deadly power allowing the user to amplify a being's fear to the point where their fear kills them. The only known being to possess this power was the demon Elkin.


The main purpose of this power is literally scaring beings to death, by amplifying their fear until the fear causes them to have a heart attack. It is currently unknown if users can read their victims fears. Elkin was never seen reading fear, the one time he used his power, his victim was already scared because he was watching a horror movie.

Known UsersEdit

Similar PowersEdit

Fear ProjectionEdit

Main article: Fear Projection

Fear Projection is the ability to sense and read the fears of other beings while also bringing them to life.

Fear Amplification is often the desired effect of Fear Projection. However, users of Fear Projection cannot directly control other people's fear, but they can project their victims fear into reality, hoping that it scares them to death.

Which is why unlike fear amplification, this power can be blocked if the victim overcomes his or her fears.

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