Paige is on the phone with Henry, telling him that they need to talk about their fight and that she wants him to come home, though Henry needs more time to think.


Meanwhile, Barbas stalks Prue as she and Benjamin Turner stay in a motel. Barbas contemplates their history, though he recognizes that she is no longer the same Prue he knew. Prue and Benjamin leave, stating they have a lot to do.

Barbas moves on to Piper and Leo, but he realizes that they have their fears under control, meaning there is nothing to gain for him there. Leo drives the kids to school as Paige arrives to talk to Piper about her marital troubles.

Barbas follows Phoebe and Coop in the park as Coop tells Phoebe something important, which shocks her. Barbas comments that her fear is already coming true, meaning that manipulating her is of no interest to him. Barbas then decides to focus on Paige.

Paige is in Tyler's backyard for a training session with him, Kareem and Aidel. Paige is in a bad mood and scolds Tyler for being late. Paige trains the boys in self-defense for when their powers fail them. Paige spars with Tyler, but is suddenly distracted and falls as Barbas reads her fear. Tyler gets her a bottle of water. As Paige drinks it, Barbas triggers a memory of a younger Paige drinking alcohol and getting into a car accident with her friends. Because of the memory, Paige thinks the water is alcohol and spits it out.


A portal opens behind Tyler and he disappears into it. At the same time, Barbas projects Kareem and Aidel's fears of spiders and aliens, causing huge spiders to come out of the portal and attack them.

Barbas appears before Paige disguised as Henry and taunts her about their fight, telling her that she is endangering her charges just like with her own children. However, Paige quickly realizes who she is dealing with and Barbas reveals himself. Barbas taunts her some more, though Paige responds by orbing him into the portal.

The portal closes and Tyler reappears. Paige figures his fear was to lose control of his powers. Aidel asks what Paige's fear was, though she doesn't respond.


That night, Paige goes to see Henry and asks him if she is a good mother. Henry hesitates, telling her it's not as simple as that. Paige replies that it is and demands a clear answer. Henry admits that he is afraid, as he thinks being around magic endangers his kids.

Kareem says goodbye to Tyler and they share a kiss. Tyler goes to sleep. He is then lifted in the air and morphs into Barbas, Jeremy Burns, Abraxas and finally Shax, who gets up and calls out "Prue".

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