Farza Demon
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Farza Demons are a breed of low-level demons—if not the lowest of all. These demons have only one magical power—immunity to the power of Molecular Immobilization.

They don't need to sleep but hibernate for three months every year in the winter. These demons are harmless, and other demons tend to look down on them and see them as cowards. Because of this fact and their powerless status, these demons act as neutral parties and do their best to avoid all magical affairs and conflict.


Gerry McDonaldEdit

One Farza demon, Gerry McDonald, comes across the Charmed Ones while working as a contractor on the club P3.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Other Powers
  • Immunity: The ability to be immune to certain powers. Farzas are immune to the power of Molecular Immobilization.
  • Immortality: The ability to live an infinite lifespan.
  • Sleeplessness: The ability to have infinite stamina that allows one to stay awake. Farza demons can stay awake all day for 9 months, hibernating only during the winter.

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