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The Famous Books page is one of the entries in the Book of Shadows, written in a Celtic font. It served as a filler during the first few seasons.


Famous books such as
the book of Durrow
the book of Kells and
the Lindisfarne
Gospels were all written by scribes
in the 8th century in insular half
-uncial or uncial script, executed--
with such mastery, the quill seems
to move over the page with appar-
ant ease. the scripts were written
with the quill held at a flat angle
to the vellum they have pleasing
roundness to the eye, are quick to
write and easily read these monks
leave us such a fine example of
calligraphy and beautiful illum-
ation that even by today's
standards they cannot be equalled.


Famous Books Entry1

Famous Books seen in Thanks For Not Morphing

  • This page is first seen in "Thank You For Not Morphing". The page is not aged like it is in later appearances.
  • When the Book flips its own pages, this entry and a page with the Relinquishment woodcut was flipped several times, as if there were more than one pages looking the same.
  • This entry can be seen briefly on the Opening Credits, from season 4 onwards. It's seen when Prue flips through the Book of Shadows on the first "starring" clip.

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