Fairy Tale Fortress
Fairy Tales Fortress

A large grey castle


Houses enchanted artifacts from Fairy Tales.


Keeper of the Fairy Tales


The Fairy Tales Fortress is an ancient fortress magically hidden to prevent it from ever being found, even by the Elders. The enchanted artifacts from Fairy Tales are kept here to keep their magic alive and prevent it from being used for evil. The fortress and artifacts are under the care of the Keeper of the Fairy Tales.


In 2002, the Wicked Witch is freed from her magic mirror, killing the Keeper and trapping his apprentice in the mirror instead. She then used the magic of the artifacts to try to kill the Charmed Ones, because they were more powerful than her. Piper Halliwell later teleported to the fortress through a fairy tale book and vanquishes the Witch. The Keeper apprentice is then freed from the mirror and the artifacts reappear, undoing their magic. [1]


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