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Eye of Aghbar

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Eye of Aghbar
Eye of Aghbar
Artifact Information

A silver talisman with a red jewel


Protects the wearer from witchcraft, as well as spells and potions




The Eye of Aghbar is a magical talisman that shields its wearer from the magic of witches. It is a silver talisman with a red jewel in the center.


An Arabian thief gave Bosk the artifact when he left to retrieve Jinny in the genie's bottle. It protected him from Piper's Molecular Combustion power, as well as the vanquishing potion meant to vanquish him in the Book of Shadows. The eye did not protect from demonic powers, however, as Jinny vanquished Bosk with a Fireball, which also destroyed the talisman. ("I Dream of Phoebe")

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