Everything You Wanted to Know About Portals But Were Afraid to Ask
Object Information

It provides the reader with information pretaining to magical portals.


This is an entry in a Magic School book.

Season 6

This page is seen only once throughout the series, in the episode The Courtship of Wyatt's Father. Phoebe and Paige ask Gideon about Portals in order to rescue Piper and Leo from the Ghostly Plane, where they have been sent due to a joint plan between Darklighters and Gideon.

Their intention to remove Leo, now an Elder, required them to be separate from the Power of Three and their own active Powers. In order to achieve this, the Darklighters—presumably with the help of Gideon—create a portal which sent them into the Ghostly Plane.

Gideon, required to maintain his pretense of uninvolvement, gives this book to the two remaining sisters in order to help them save Leo and Piper. Presumably, the information in this book—so far unnamed—gave the sisters required to reopen the portal, freeing Leo and Piper.