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Married to Carl

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Tommy (son)

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Run, Piper, Run

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Jennifer Bini Taylor


Eve is a mortal woman and a friend of Piper Halliwell. Despite the fact that she was married and had a son, she tried to make a move on Leo Wyatt while he was magically disguised as Louis on a playdate.


During a playdate between Wyatt Halliwell and her son Tommy, Eve became attracted to Leo's alter ego Louis and tried to seduce him. She complimented him on taking care of his cousin's children, telling him not many men would give up their careers to take care of the kids.

As she continued flirting with Leo, she noticed he was not wearing a wedding ring. Leo said it was a long story as he tried to escape the moment. However, at that moment, Tommy ran in with a bowl of ice cream and tripped, causing the ice cream to land on Leo's shirt. Eve offered to help clean the shirt. She then used a napkin to clean it off and placed her hand on his thigh.

Afterward, Eve helped Leo to wash the shirt. She asked him whether his undershirt was dirty, too. Even though Leo told her he could use a washing machine, Eve tried to take his undershirt off to wash it. However, the moment was interrupted by Paige.

Later that day, Eve's husband appeared at the manor, furious about what had happened. Just as he was about to punch Leo, Piper froze him. After a brief discussion between Piper and Leo, she told him to get back in place to avoid suspicion. She then unfroze the scene and allowed Carl to punch Leo.

Notes and Trivia

  • Based on the reaction of the other moms present and Piper's comments, it would seem Eve had quite a reputation for being overly flirty. However, Piper also noted that Leo must have done something to lead her on.
  • In the Spanish dub her name is pronounced as Eva instead of Eve.
  • She appeared in the book Trickery Treat. She dressed as Marilyn Monroe and tried to flirt with Coop at the Halliwells' Halloween party.


Eve appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.