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Eric Bragg was a mortal who uncovered the location of the Akashic Records, which foretold all significant events throughout time. He was being hunted by two warlocks of a breed called the Collectors, who wanted to extract his knowledge to obtain the records for themselves. He was a brief romantic interest to Phoebe Halliwell.


Shortly after his father was attacked by the Collectors and became catatonic, Eric continued his father's work to find the Akashic Records. While studying a tablet with a map in the museum, he finally cracked the code. His discovery was witnessed by one of the Collectors, who informed his partner.


Eric meeting Phoebe.

When visiting his father in the hospital, Eric ran into Phoebe Halliwell, a volunteer, and she had a premonition of him being attacked. When Eric returned to his apartment, the Collectors attacked him to extract the knowledge of the map. However, Phoebe and Piper arrived in time to save him. Eric shot the Collectors with a gun, though they regenerated.

Eric was highly suspicious of the sisters and suspected they were involved with some government organization. When the Collectors went after his father, he witnessed the sisters use their magic and learned the truth. He and Phoebe later destroyed the map at the museum to prevent anyone else from finding the location of the records. When the Collectors contacted Eric, he went to face them alone, though Piper and Prue overheard his thoughts as he left due to a spell they had cast. The sisters then followed him to the park.


A Collector extracting his knowledge.

Eric confronted the Collectors and revealed he had his gun with him. The Collectors were unimpressed until Eric pointed the gun to his head, threatening to destroy the knowledge of the records by killing himself. The Collectors then restored his father's mind and overpowered Eric and extracted his knowledge. Phoebe tried to stop them, but had her knowledge absorbed as well. However, using their ability to hear thoughts, Prue and Piper tricked the Collectors into vanquishing each other, which woke up their victims.

Eric was happy to see his father awake and healthy, but it was soon discovered that both he and Phoebe had lost their memories of the last couple of weeks. Eric later met Phoebe again at the hospital and had a déjà vu moment before Phoebe helped him find a doctor to sign some papers.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It remains unknown if Eric regained the knowledge of the location of the Akashic Records. Phoebe slowly regained her memories, so it can be presumed that Eric did as well.
  • When Eric says Phoebe is an angel, she says she isn't but that she could introduce him to one. Misha Collins, who portrays Eric, later went on to portray the angel Castiel in Supernatural.


Eric Bragg appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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