Energy Projection
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Manipulate various forms of energy






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Energy Projection is the ability to create and manipulate very powerful forms of energy, focusing them and using it to perform specific functions, usually of an offensive nature. This power has many variations in the form of separate active powers belonging to various factions such as Shielding, Energy Balls, Energy Blasts and Energy Beams. This power can also be harnessed through magical weapons.

This power has been very common in the series and many magical beings possess some aspect of this ability.

List of PowersEdit

Image Name Description Users
6x21-PhoebeAthameEnergyBall Energy Balls The ability to form balls of energy, which resemble electrical discharges, in their hand and throw them at targets with varying levels of voltage. Common among Demons
LukasUsingPyrotechnics Energy Beam The ability to shoot powerful beams of energy, usually from their hands, at their enemies.

Energy Blast Hope 2 Energy Blast The ability to shoot a kinetic energy blast out of their hands, hitting a target with great force.

8x02P7 Energy Bolts The ability to fire cube-shaped energy that resembles a combination of Light Darts and Energy Balls. Black Heart
Energy Magic2 Energy Magic The ability to project and manipulate energy into various forms

5x20P29 Energy Sparks The ability to shoot short beams of red sparks, capable of either harming or vanquishing beings.

Wyatt DestroysDemoons Energy Waves The ability to create powerful waves of destructive energy that were capable of disintegrating targets, allowing the user to easy vanquish multiple beings and destroy multiple objects at a large radius.

Shield 4 Force Field The magical ability to create an energy barrier around or in front of oneself or others for protection.

5x06P24 Optical Energy Blasts The ability to fire blasts, bolts or beams of offensive energy from the eyes.

List of WeaponsEdit

Image Name Description Users
Energy whip Energy Whip A device that releases an energy-based whip that functions just like a normal whip. Hugo
EnergyBeamInfoboxImage Level Two Demon Weapon A hand-held device that fires Energy Beams capable of vanquishing both Low and Upper Level Demons. Litvack's minions

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