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Energy Projection
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Energy Projection is the ability to create and manipulate very powerful forms of energy, focusing them and using it to perform specific functions. This power has many variations such as Shielding, Energy Balls, Energy Blasts and Energy Beams. This power has been very common in the series and many magical beings possess some aspect of this ability.

List of PowersEdit

Force FieldEdit

Main article: Force Field

Shielding (aka Force Fields) is the magical ability to create an energy barrier around or in front of oneself or others for protection. This power has been displayed in Charmed though various mediums and manifesting differently each time. The power of Shields or Force Fields is dependent on the user and can be broken by powerful magic such as Advanced Fire Throwing, or when the user is weakened or hurt as seen in Sympathy For The Demon.

Energy BallsEdit

Main article: Energy Balls

The ability to create Energy Balls is an offensive power used by many demons, and even some witches and warlocks. ("Exit Strategy") The user can form balls of energy, which resemble electrical discharges, in their hand and throw them at targets with varying levels of voltage. They can also dissipate and control the energy ball while still in their hand.

Energy BlastEdit

Energy Blast Hope
Main article: Energy Blast

An Energy Blast is an incredibly rare and powerful magical ability allowing the user to shoot a kinetic energy blast out of their hands, hitting a target with great force. Energy Blasts can take on various colors and is used by powerful beings such as the Guardians of Pandora's Box, Avatars and Wyatt Halliwell. Energy Blasts can be used to either harm or vanquish beings and can cause great destruction.

Energy BeamEdit

Main article: Energy Beam

Magical beings who possess this power have the ability to shoot powerful beams of energy, usually from their hands, at their enemies. One of the beings that possessed this power was the life essence Terra. Demons can also fire Energy Beams through use of a Level Two Demon Weapon, though they do not seem to possess this power naturally.

Energy MagicEdit

Main article: Energy Magic

Energy Magic is the ability to project and manipulate energy into various forms. The Rat Demon used it on Glen in the form of a ring and threatened to strangle him with it. It can be shaped into any form the user desires, it was also stated that some minions possessed this ability.

Energy SparksEdit

Energy Sparks
Main article: Energy Sparks

The ability to shoot Energy Sparks, which are short beams of red sparks, capable of either harming or vanquishing beings. It is unknown what this power does to objects, but it would most likely cause them to combust/explode. The Crone is the only known user of this power.

Energy BoltsEdit

Main article: Energy Bolts
08x02 - Energy Bolt

Energy Bolts are highly similar to both Light Darts and Energy Balls. These bolts have a cubic form and are made of blue energy. If thrown at an object, that object will mosty likely combust or at least be damaged. Although it was never shown to hit a living target, it is presumed to cause severe damage and could most likely vanquish most magical beings. Black Heart is the only known user of this power. 

Energy WavesEdit

Main article: Energy Waves

The ability to create Energy Waves, powerful waves of destructive energy that were capable of disintegrating targets, allowing the user to easy vanquish multiple beings and destroy multiple objects at a large radius. This power was channelled through the user's hands and was possessed by the Avatars and Wyatt Halliwell.  

Energy WhipEdit

Main article: Energy Whip

An Energy Whip was magical weapon that resembled a metal rod which released an energy-based whip, allowing the user to perform the same functions of a normal whip, such as lassoing enemies, while being able to conceal the weapon efficiently. 

The only person seen using this weapon was Hugo.

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