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Energy Beam
Power Information

Fires a beam of energy that can harm, burn or kill victims


Point weapon/hand at target




Offensive power

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Energy Beams are potentially deadly beams of energy that can have a different appearance and effect depending on their origin and user. These beams can be used to harm with pure force or burn through heat. They could also be used to cause an object to combust as well. This power is often triggered through the hands, but can also be used with weapons.


  • This ability was first seen in 1999. It was used through a demonic weapon issued by an upper-level demon named Litvack. [1]
  • The demon Gammill used this power through his wand on his golem, Finn. [2]
  • A Gypsy Hunter named Orin and his son Cree used this power to kill and later cut out the eyes of Gypsies. [3]
  • Kierkan and Terra both had this power. Unlike Terra, Kierkan came by it naturally, however, she was made from his blood so she developed it as well. Terra then went on to possess Piper, and used it through her, and then Leo, and used it through him. [4]
  • Rennek was seen using this power to fight Leo, before he became the Charmed Ones Whitelighter.[5]
  • Neena stole this power from The Golem Source in 2008.[6]

List of beings who use(d) Energy BeamEdit

Original power

Through power stealing, artifact, etc.

Level Two Demon WeaponEdit


A demon using a demonic weapon to attack Prue and Bane.

The ability to project a powerful beam of energy capable of vanquishing others. Low Level Demons are vanquished immediately, whereas Upper Level Demons are capable of resisting for a small amount of time before being vanquished.

Litvack's minion used this weapon against Prue and Bane, which injured Bane, but was then deflected by Prue telekinetically. The Charmed Ones then tricked Litvack and his minion into using these weapons against each other via Piper's freezing powers.

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